Mom, can you hear the cry that so often wakes me?

Dad, do you even care that the world seems to hate me?

Sister, where were you when i needed a friend

Brother, I don’t count you as someone on whom I depend

I know, I KNOW, I sound cruel because we’re family

I’m sorry, so sorry, the blame belongs to me

But you don’t see these hands that tremble

And you didn’t see me slowly disassemble

It was me

I did it alone

And all of you?

You were at home

In the house that was outwardly perfect

But I’ve seen the inside and I’ve watched the whirlwind

Mom, I wish I could talk to you amidst your fragile state

Dad, should I tell her? Is that something she can take?

Sister, I won’t talk to you because I know where you place blame

Brother, I’m sure you relate..we both dwell in shame

But you don’t have to worry because I’ll keep this to myself

And I’ll build my own house and put this on the shelf

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